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Friday, January 20, 2012

Pin-Spired: Tooth Fairy Door

Last week, after my daughter lost her first tooth, I found {THIS} on Pinterest. I was kinda bummed since I hadn't seen it even a few days earlier so I could make one for my daughter's foray into Tooth Fairy-dom. While I was printing out her first note from the Tooth Fairy, I had a stroke of genius (or insanity - take your pick) and added a 'PS' to the note that I (the Tooth Fairy) would be sending a special package for her soon.

That same day she lost her 2nd tooth, so knowing I still needed to build the door, I told her that losing your tooth after lunch time meant missing the tooth fairy cut off - she would have to wait another day to put her tooth under her pillow. She took it very nicely, so I was able to start putting together all of the goodies I bought at Hobby Lobby…
With coupons and items being on sale, I ended up getting everything to make the door for under $9. It helped that I already had paint and E6000 glue. I started by painting all of the parts. Since Presleigh's favorite color is green, I decided to use a shade of green that matches our front door almost exactly, and chose off-white for the trim and base. Once everything had a couple coats of paint, I started gluing it all together. Since the door was made to open inward, I flipped it around, so the trim you see in the picture below was glued on by me and actually meant to go inside of the house...
For the sky inside the door I cut 2 pieces of chipboard the same size as the trim on the back, adhered them together, then covered with the cloud patterned paper. The trickiest part of the project was probably getting the door handles glued on. The back of each piece was concave, so I had a hard time getting enough glue in there so it would keep it on the door. I made sure to let those dry well before I tested how it opened and closed.
When it came time to package the door for 'shipping' I found that poly-fil worked great as packing material. Made it seem more cloud-like; matching the paper inside the door. Along with the door was a note from the Tooth Fairy explaining how the door was to be used, a key to the door tied with pink string and a collection of miniature envelopes for her teeth to go in. She was thrilled with the package and loved using the door that night.

Just the details… (1) Adhered door knobs to both sides of painted door, (2) The key was wrapped around a stack of mini lost tooth envelopes, (3) A look at some of the patterns I used for the envelopes, (4) Instead of hanging her fairy door on the wall (as in the Pinned door), I bought this oval base. It sits nicely on her dresser.

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, comments are greatly appreciated!

Paint: Apple Barrel (Green, Off White); Adhesive: E6000; Miniature Door, Door Knobs, Patterned Paper, Oval Plaque: Hobby Lobby; Paper Punch: McGill (Mini Envelope); Floss: DMC (pink)


  1. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing ever. What a fun idea...I wish I'd thought of it years ago when the boys were losing teeth. I wonder if I could sneak it off with McKInley. (the boys are almost old enough to know better)
    Thanks Alicia!!

  2. This is adorable! Your daughter is so lucky to have a mom like you!

  3. So creative! Good thing that I've got a couple years before I need to come up with something this brillant :)

    P.S. Found you via http://www.bystephanielynn.com/2012/02/10-tooth-fairy-traditions-and-ideas.html

  4. Can you post for me what the card says?

  5. Never seen anything like this before its totally GORGEOUS I love it hugs Elaine

  6. Really hoping you get this Alicia :) I was wondering if you had bought the door stuff in NZ as this is an NZ blog page and I am sooooooooo wanting to make one lol! Look forward to hearing from you :)

  7. This is absolutely adorable and you did a beautiful job. I'd also never heard of such a thing... so I did a search and found some other interesting versions - but I like yours the best!

  8. This is Fabulous!
    But could you please post the directions you gave your little one in her first Tooth Fairy note?

  9. This is the cutest ever. Any tips on what the letter from the tooth fairy said which was included with the door?

    1. Here is what the first couple of notes from the Tooth Fairy said (since my daughter got her door after she lost her first one)...

      {Child's name},
      I was so thrilled to find out you had lost your first tooth. Congratulations! This means you are growing up.
      I am leaving you some money, because you so nicely left me your tooth.
      Until next time...
      The Tooth Fairy
      ps: You should be receiving a package from me in the mail soon. I will be sending you something to put in your room for my future visits.

      {Child's name},
      Here is the package I promised the other day when you lost your first tooth. It is a fairy door made especially for you.
      Next time you loose a tooth, put it in one of the enclosed envelopes and before you go to sleep place it inside the door.
      I will drop by in the night, pick up your tooth and leave you a little something.
      The Tooth Fairy