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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wreck This Journal - Installment #2

Time for another intallment of Wreck This Journal. If you missed the story behind the book, you can start by reading this post.

I sent a copy of this book to my mom, Gloria, and she is posting her progress and doing a great job of doing it daily. I hope you will drop by her WTJ Posts to see her progress and leave some 'love'.  :)

Now onto today's page...

Today's instructions read "trace your hand". As I prepared to deface this page I had two thoughts.. wow my hand looks big and WOW, I could really use some lotion. ;)

I decided to not let those thoughts get in the way and trace my hand, I did...

I stopped just short of turning each finger into a person or making my whole hand look like a turkey.  :)

Until tomorrow...


  1. :):) Good job wrecking that page!
    You let out my secret....I am making a turkey for Thanksgiving day!!!! :):)