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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wreck This Journal

I bought the 'book' shown above during a quick trip to Barnes & Noble today. I was looking for the new Card A Day book and ran into a couple similar books by Keri Smith. After perusing them for a bit, I decided on Wreck This Journal.

On each page are dares, prompts, instructions, etc. that may seem absurd at first, but I think it will be a totally fun process. Who doesn't want to tie a book behind them and drag it while going on a walk?! Or tear out a page and set it on fire?! ;)

My goal is to complete one page each day and date the page when I am finished and write any applicable notes/observations.

Today, for instance, I was to climb to a high place and drop the book. Fortunately for the book, the highest I could climb right now was to the second story of our house. The book made it through safely. :)

Here are some photos from today's challenge:

Before the fall...

Stepping off the ledge...

Man down!!!!...


  1. hahahahaha poor book! What a great adventure you have started. I'm trying to imagine the look on people's faces when you walk by with a book dragging behind you!

    They might start thinking your "not right in the head". What a hoot!!

    Keep us posted on your progress. Love the step by step pics!

  2. ha! I absolutely love this, I am going to have to go to barnes and Nobles and check this book out. I'm due for a trip there anyhow. I don't know if I'll be buying it myself but I have to see some of the challenges, sounds GREAT! hehe

  3. Great pics of each step. I started my journal today so can't wait to see your next steps!

  4. Mom is ahead of you on this... She burned a page tore a page and made a funnel out of one.. You better catch up..

  5. Like Melyssa said they might look at you strange so you need to let Presleigh do that one for you maybe... hahaha