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Monday, June 15, 2009

Card Tag - Round 3 - Results!!

It is time to reveal the awesome cards from Round 3 of Card Tag!!!


I started off the game with this card. It was created for the CAS17 challenge over at SCS. I took inspiration from a checkerboard beach towel.


Liz stayed with the clear card and the 9 squares. Can you believe she used laminating material for her card base. Way to use what you have on hand!


Katie divided her image on the front into sections; instead of 9 squares, she did 4.


Sue, unbeknowst to her, returned to the 9-squares from the original card.


Liane took inspiration from the 9 squares on the previous card, but made a masculine version.

Gloria used the previous card's layout for inspiration, but lengthened her card a bit.

Lisa used the layout from the previous card and got rid of the squares. Instead she used flowered paper on that side - kinda like the flowers from the card before.

Melyssa rotated the layout from the previous card for her creation.

Joy stuck with the layout and frosted card base from the card above, but "rocked it out" for her sample.

Barbara used the stars and "rock" from the previous card as inspiration for her piece.

Wasn't that a fun game of tag?!?!


  1. Yet another fun game of tag! Love seeing how they morph as they go from one to the next. (And how some of us went back to the original design without even knowing it!!)

    I'll be watching for the next round!I'm addicted!;)

  2. Thanks for the fun card tag Alicia. I just love what we all did with our cards, thanks for the fun and inspiration ladies!

  3. yay, I love seeing the progression of the cards!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I totally love watching these cards! So awesome everyone!!! :D

  5. These cards are gorgeous! I can't believe how much they changed at the end! LOL. Great challenge Alicia, it was exciting!