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Friday, May 8, 2009

My Garage Sale Find...

While perusing Craigslist late a couple nights ago, I saw an ad for the Scrapbooking & Garage Sale of the Decade! Who could pass that one up, right?!

I called my friend, Barbara, up early on Thursday to tell her all about the sale. She was game to meet me in less than an hour to go and behold the wonders of this sale.

Unfortunately, it was cancelled (with no notice on Craigslist) because it had rained overnight. I only found this out after calling the number and inquiring as to why there was no sale at the address given. The guy in charge ended up opening up later that day, so I headed back over with my cranky 3-year-old in tow.

The sale was definitely not as "awesome" as described, and if it was a SB store going out of business -- it had went that way a while ago.

But not all hope was lost as I was able to score 6 of these cabinets for $5 each!!!!

They are so nice even my husband wants to take 2 from me!! :) When I went to pick up the cabinet, I figured the drawers had to be full of stuff, they were so heavy. Turns out these are actually very nice quality - not made of cheap, thin, lightweight material. Score!!!!

The drawers do have these labels on the front, which I am going to remove...

...but I was surprised at how cleanly they came off without much effort on my part
(view of drawer front after I tore a label off)

Even if the drawers don't come completely clean, I am thinking of using some Mod Podge to cover the fronts with pretty SB paper. The good thing is the handles are put in with screws, so those can be removed for covering the drawer fronts.
(inside view of drawer - knobs are put in with screws, yay!)

A couple things that caught my eye was the detail on the side of the cabinet and the fact that the drawers can be removed and the inside would make a nice shelf - it is all finished!

Now to get my husband to hang these on the wall using the hangers that were already on it!!

Some dimensions:
Overall cabinet - 13.75" x 16"
Inside of drawer - 3"w x 4.25"t x 5.5"d
Drawer opening - 3.5"w x 4.2"t x 6.25d
Jealous yet?!?! hee hee


  1. Those are awsome!!!! What a great find. Too bad i don't have a room otherwise I would indian leg wrestle paul for the other two. ;)

  2. Oh you lucky duck! Those cabinet units are awesome! I need one to go with my white paper cabinet.

  3. yes we are jealous... From mom and I