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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Mother's Day. My day started off great. I got to sleep in and was awoken by my 3-year-old who presented me with my favorite breakfast (in bed) -- a McDonald's Breakfast Biscuit and a Large Diet Coke. How awesome.

My husband helped my daughter made me a card and they wrapped up the markers I ordered for myself as a present. May as well get something I can use, right?!?! ;)

I thought I would share the cards I created for a couple special women in my life.

First off, here is the card I created "voor mijn schoonmoeder" (for my mother-in-law - who is Dutch). Her name is Paula and she lives in Sittard, The Netherlands. She raised her 2 children, my husband and his sister, mostly by herself as her husband died when the children were very young. I have to say she did an excellent job.

The next card is for, in my opinion, the best Mom a girl could have. I have always loved my mom a lot, but I don't think it was until I became a mom myself, that I truly appreciated all she has done. It is amazing how much it takes to be a Mom, let alone a GREAT one - like my mom, Gloria. She has always been there for me and is seriously the best Grandma I could ask for for my daughter.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Very Nice Mother's Day Card!
    I love the fact that it is different from everything I've seen out there!



  2. Wow, don't know how I missed this post but I am totally overwhelmed by the wonderful things you have said about me. I am lucky to have you for my daughter and of course there are no words for my love for you and my sweet granddaughter. You are loved!!!