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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Have you heard of Thirty One?!

Do you know what Thirty-One Gifts is?! If not, and you like fun bags, purses, home decor, head to this link: Dana's Thirty-One Page

I went to my very first ever Thirty-One Party in February and received my product the other day. I have been gone all weekend, so I look forward to filling up my new skirt purse (check out page 20-21) tomorrow!!

The fun thing about this purse is you buy one main unit and then each season, month, year, whatever, you can get a new "skirt" for it. It is like changing your purse, but for a much better price. AND you don't have to take everything out to move it to a new purse, it is already in there, just the cover is changed.

I hope you will check out the catalog, and if you want to get anything, contact Dana. She is such a sweet lady and has a very tasty recipe blog.


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