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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A money book...

I have a nephew with a birthday tomorrow and decided "cash is best" for his present. Since that may seem a bit un-fun (even though greatly appreciated) I decided to jazz it up a bit with a cool carrier...

I got the idea for the money book from Nichole Heady's blog, specifically this post, and used some of the new ShortCuts Clear Full Sheets to make the book. (Because I used a larger$ amount than Nichole, I did have to make my spine a bit wider than her template called for. )

I was able to use my Scor-It board to score the clear stock and used some off-white hemp to hold the money in place.

I just love how you can see the money through the cover with the clear material, especially on the spine.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wonderful money book. I love the design and colors too.

    Is the cupcake a stamp or diecut? Who makes it- I NEED a cupcake that looks like that.

  2. Ok where did the cupcake come from! Is it a stamp, a die what???? I must know. This is awsome.

  3. Oh PULEEEEEZE tell us about the cupcake!!!! It's such a great cupcake! We are all drooling over it & need one like it! :) This project turned out so cute--thanks for posting a link on Nichole's blog, it was great to see another example of her project. And NOW you've added something to my "wishlist"--this cupcake! :) please share regarding it's origins! Jen