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Monday, June 16, 2008

I can't believe I made it...

Yesterday the Home Ec gods must have been with me. I managed to turn this ribbon and fabric...

Into this cute shirt for my daughter...

While browsing etsy this weekend I learned there is such a thing as a pillowcase dress. Originally they were made out of pillowcases, but now many people are making them from purchased fabric.

I bought this set of patterns from an eBay seller and must say it was well worth the money. There are fantastic photographic and written directions. Even I, who hasn't really sewed anything since Home Ec 18 years ago, was able to create one in just a few hours!

I have bought a "real one" off etsy, but thought I may as well give it a go myself. For cute pre-made pillowcase dresses, make sure to check out Boutique Mia. There are some pieces you can buy that allow you to choose the exact fabric you want and she has some great Amy Butler prints.


  1. I saw this cute shirt in person on Presleigh and was VERY impressed! SO CUTE! man you are so good at that stuff!

  2. What an adorble top and what an adorable little girl.

  3. Hey, Congrats on the creation! She looks adorable in it and you did a great job sewing it.