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Friday, February 29, 2008

CardKeepers - A new MUST have!!

The other day I found CardKeepers through a post at Craft Critique. Boy, am I glad I did!!!

I placed a group order with my mom and sister on Monday and just got my package in the mail!!!

We only ordered the sheet protectors. I figured I had lots of chipboard here at home to make my own cover. Well, after receivng the actual kits I know why you would want the "real" covers - they are very nice, thick and sturdy!

If you are debating about making your own covers or buying the complete kit - I would go with the complete kit and just buy extra protectors if you need them.

I have already put an A2 card in one of the protectors and it fits with plenty of space left to put another one facing the opposite way - and there are embellishments and 3-D dots on it.

My favorite feature has got the be the fact that they load from the inside, where the binding holes are. There is no way the cards will fall out if you accidentally get the book upside down. Awesome!

Not only was Lucy nice enough to to donate some prizes for the 15,000th hit celebration at SheetLoad, but she also included an extra, complete, kit for me. Wahoo!!

Make sure to check out the CardKeepers site for more ideas and pricing details. For a limited time there is a special on shipping for first-time customers.

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