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Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's altered...

I couldn't wait any longer to finish my gun, so I went ahead and added LOTS to it. Now I am not so sure it isn't too "gaudy". Oops.. :)


  1. lol,this is so cool.Love your fall ribbons.

  2. Alicia, Thats pretty cool! After seeing Shari's at the Cozy Crop I am coveting one of these!

  3. Very cute.... It turned out just right I think... My how did you get those ribbons to stay on the top????


  4. Cute! Love the cards in the post below too! Sorry I,ve been slack on the comments...been busy!

    That punch.....I just squeeze with all my might and it does go through, but it does take a lot! I probably push it more then I should! It also ends up leaving a small divit on the card, must be something inside the punch itself, but my PP easily covered it up! HHope this helps!