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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Make a "SheetLoad of Cards"...

Here is the first (and hopefully not last) issue of my eZine, "SheetLoad of Cards".

(click on eZine image to open PDF file)

Lately I have been hooked on a few things...
- One Sheet Wonders, which is a fancy term for making lots of cards out of one sheet of patterned paper and some cardstock.
- Carla's awesome card sketch (see earlier post)
- Searching Atomic Cupcake for the latest and greatest on their All-You-Can-Download Scrapbooking Buffet.

From this was born my idea for "SheetLoad of Cards" (you'll have to pardon my French - hee hee) the eZine!

The theory behind this is to increase your on-hand card stash by using a card sketch, a few sheets of patterned papers and cardstock and just a little amount of time. Almost a mass production, if you will.

You can leave all the areas that could possibly be stamped blank and then when the need for a card arises, you can personalize it for the event / occasion.

Now the next time you need to send out a card you should have some on hand. In fact you should have a "sheetload" on hand! ;)



  1. Al ,this looks like a really cool idea ,but it doesn't open.It is supposed to right?

  2. Debby,

    I am not sure what is going on. You should be able to get the file two ways...

    1 - left-click on the eZine image and you will be taken to a "different web page" that will show the PDF (you must have Acrobat Reader for this to work)

    2 - right-click on the eZine and select "save target as". This should bring up a box that asks you where you want to save the PDF.

    Please let me know if these options still don't work.


  3. What a great idea. This is coming in very handy for me tonight - I have a huge order of cards to finish (84 to be exact) and I am planning on using your template to help me get it done. Bravo!! I'll be checking back to see what your next Sheetload will be ;)