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Friday, July 6, 2007

New Michaels $ Stamps & Sister Misc.

Michaels is at it again. There are new wooden $ stamps!! Kim, an online friend, posted a notice on Simply Sentiments that there was a new set in the stores. I was going to wait and go tomorrow, but since my sister, Lisa, needed some of the $ frames I been altering Paul, Presleigh and I stopped by there tonight. (Paul and Presleigh stayed in the car)

These are the ones I bought, but I did notice on Kim's picture she uploaded there are a few I missed or they were out of. I may have to make a trip to a different M's tomorrow.

These are designed by Kolette Hall for Studio G. (Studio G is the company that was putting out the clear $ stamp sets.) A lot of them are very cute, so if you haven't visited your Ms today, you better get there soon! (sorry, should have given an "enabler" alert)

Speaking of Lisa and the $ frames. When I asked her how many she wanted me to buy, she wanted to know how many I had done so far, because she "HAD to catch up to me". Hee hee hee

Often what one of us has, the other wants too. I remember she called me last year to tell me she had gotten the Cricut with her Aunt-In-Law (is that correct?!) and loved it. I had seen it in stores, but thought I would never need it. Well, as luck had it, the next week at M's there was an unadvertised special to get the Cricut for $179. Guess who got one?! Yep, Me!!! I think I actually told Lisa something like "if you have it, i have to have it to..."

I want to give a "shout out" to those of you who have left me comments!! Thanks to Aud (you were my first), Debby, Lisa and Dolores for leaving me a little message.

After having almost 150 hits yesterday I was hoping for a few more comments. Granted probably 100 of those were me looking to see if anyone had left a comment. ha ha I also figured out I had some weird settings that people may not have been able to leave comments, but that should be fixed now. *crossing fingers*


  1. hi Alicia- I stopped by yesterday long enough to add you to my google reader but didnt have time to comment

  2. wow...I wish I culd get these...recently my dad was in U.S...he has got me mostly these $1 stamps from Micheals...& they are actually really gud ones..!!